Toyota introduced the new Prius at Detroit family

Toyota introduced the new Prius at Detroit family

Toyota Detroit took the new Prius family formed by the third generation Prius and Prius plug-inAnd the new Prius v, A hybrid-electric Prius medium and c Concept, thus completing a line that meets the needs of buyers of different ages and lifestyles. Mirror Finish Detail –

With the expansion of the Prius family could improve the acceptance of hybrids with the same value of the Prius as high efficiency, low emissions and high technology. “It is a modern family with a Prius for everyone, sharing common attributes but with a design and special appeal to different buyers, “said Bob Carter, Toyota vice president.

The Prius has sold over 955 000 units in the U.S. since it debuted in 2000. Currently selling the third generation that maintains exceptional performance and low emissions, values ​​that have become the third-best selling Toyota model in the United States.Prius v:

Versatility for young families and active

Expresses the car’s versatility and ability to meet the needs of families that are growing and have very active lifestyles.

Has the same platform as the Prius production, but is broader, his style is more aggressive, with trapezoidal headlamps and grille longer, while the ceiling remains ine triangular silhouette that has distinguished the Prius.

Inside is comfortable, seats five passengers with cargo area of ​​34.3 cubic feet, four drive modes, 134 horsepower and a yield of 40 miles per gallon.

Is expected to go on sale in late summer and will be one of the first models with multimedia system Entune.

Prius c Concept: A small hybrid and city dwellersThis model is city dwellers and might be attractive to the young singles and couples who want to care for the environment, want a high mileage car and have fun at an affordable price. The Prius c Concept is the inspiration to add a new family member that might appear in the first half of 2012.

Inch-in Prius: The Best of Both Worlds
One of the main attractions has been its Prius hybrid system and with the addition of new technology, the Plug-in Hybrid version represents the best of both worlds: the superiority of consumption and power management capabilities.
Depending on driving conditions, the Plug-in Prius can be driven up to 13 miles in electric mode at speeds exceeding 60 mph and the battery needs between 1.7 and three hours to charge.
This model is part of a pilot program in several U.S. cities whose purpose is to demonstrate, educate and inform the public about plug-in technology, and evaluate their performance, which could increase the likelihood that went on sale in the first half of 2012.